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Set in the heart of Valletta, Photocity offers a wide range of services & products and is renowned for its professional stand within the photographic market. Established in 1974, Photocity has for years offered photography services to various clients for diverse events and occasions, including important national events such as the Papal visits to Malta and other occasions organised by the Office of the President. 

Throughout the years, Photocity has also provided photo printing services and film developing ever since it's inception back in the 70's, using the dark room process. Later on in the 90's, Photocity had invested in the mini-lab for the developing and printing of 35mm films in one hour. Then in 2003, Photocity was among the first to invest in digital photography by shifting its operations to digital. This included the printing of photos from the first digital kiosks and adopting digital photography from analogue in its services.

Nowadays, at our store in Valletta, we are providing our customers with the opportunity to print their pictures instantly with our latest kiosk services as well as through any digital medium (such as emails, pendrives and whatsapp). At the same time, we have maintained our service of 35mm film developing and printing from analogue cameras, including the scanning in high resolution of images from negatives.